Imagine yourself in  the relationship you want – I can help you gain the confidence to get the woman you deserve

If you are — Looking for an authentic relationship, too busy to spend your free time sifting through fakes and time wasters online (and getting poor results), DONE with bars and clubs, and ENDLESS first dates AND Seeking a better approach to dating and relationships, but not sure how or where to start . Ready for a relationship with someone who gets you – and who you’re into? You are in the right place. Hi handsome, I’m Lisa and I help busy men create a better dating and relationship experience. What I give you is a highly targeted and personal approach to dating, with a road map for success.


Lisa Schmidt
Lisa SchmidtYour Detroit Dating Coach

But let’s be honest, you have to put some work in

If you commit to investing the time and money in you – I will commit to helping you in every aspect of your dating life, in hands on ways, out in real world situations. I do this by providing an actionable strategy and defined road map for success through targeted dating coach sessions.

My passion is connecting people in relationships and guiding them on a positive path that gets them there. As a Dating Coach I work with men from all walks of life, who come to me for my knowledge, advice and “tough love”. That’s right, I said tough love. As your dating coach I will always give it to you straight. I do this because I am dedicated to your success always, and I want you to win! The best and most important role I play as your dating coach is telling you what you need to hear, as opposed to what you want to hear. I AM that kick in the ass you need.

Regardless of skill or knowledge, coaching works from the ground up to identify core issues. We then work as a team to build you up to the best dating self you can be.  I know that every client is very different. This is why we work on an individual basis to set goals and standards that are specific to you.

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Are you ready for more confidence with women and a kick ass dating life?

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